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Deleted Domains Product Guide Deleted Domains Product Guide
Deleted Domains Product Guide

Researching a Domain

The Significance of Domain Toolbox in Any Domain Services
A well established domain service will allow you access not only to a wide array of high value domain names, but also access to indispensable domain tools that will make the entire process of domain hunting a lot easier on your part. If you are a professional and you do not have the time to spend monitoring all the changes in domains and their availability for public access, a sizeable domain toolbox can simplify things for you and give you enough time to do other things that are more important without sacrificing the opportunity of actually finding profitable domain names.

Simplifying The Process With Domain Toolbox
One of the functions of a domain toolbox is to give you the right to update all values related to a particular domain without the need to look for another service or without the need to re-update your research. A good domain service usually collects the information that is also relevant to the needs of their clients. This means that once a domain becomes part of their database, all related information and values are also included, such as page rank, backlinks, auction details, and any other related values. Sometimes, the information associated with a particular domain is a couple of weeks old, but updating it will never be problem since all you need to do is click the update button to receive the real time updated information about the domain you are interested in. If you are using a domain service who takes pride in their latest domain values, updating the data of the domain will usually take only thirty seconds or so.
Another excellent advantage of a comprehensive domain tool box is having the capacity to perform traffic comparison without the need to perform additional research elsewhere. This means that with domains having high traffic volume, you can easily view data about those domains’ statistical visitors. It also lets you evaluate the trends of a particular domain from the preceding months and determine the volume of visitors the domain received during that particular period. Although some domain services require the use of third party tools to provide clients with the most up to date traffic trends for the domains in question, the availability of these tools on an established domain service website is a big indication that it is serious in providing quality service to clients who wish to see firsthand information regarding the domains they are interested in acquiring.

A domain service that can provide a comprehensive domain tool box is certainly very rare and there are only a few domain services online that offer clients with direct access to valuable tools that can make a domain search much simpler and less complicated. Here, we will take a look at some of the tools usually included in a domain tool box.

  • PageRank Information
  • The best way to get an up to date and accurate data account of a domain’s Google page rank is to create a random check on multiple Google datacenters. If the domain service lets you perform this check, they are certainly giving you the opportunity to do a careful evaluation of domain values based on page rank. You can check for domains with the prefix www as well as for domains that do not have the said prefix. This is because information regarding domains with or without the www prefix will be quite different from each other and if you want separate yet comprehensive information regarding the domain you are interested in, it is best to check for both.
  • Access to WHOIS Information
  • If you have access to WHOIS information for every domain you are interested in, then it will provide you with significant data regarding the potential of each particular domain. But there are cases wherein relevant data may have some form of privacy protection, which means no information will be shown. Still, there are domain names that have open WHOIS information and some domain services allow you to check on this using their domain tools.
  • Thumbnail Preview
  • A domain tool box with a thumbnail preview will allow you to see thumbnails for domains with previous traffic history. This gives you the opportunity to actually view the website and get ideas on how the site was previously set up. Thumbnails can also give you ideas with regards to the professionalism or the lack of it in the way that a particular domain was presented before. If you have access to this information, you will have a basic concept with regards to how you can set up your own website, should you be able to acquire ownership of the domain in question.
  • Having access to valuable domain tools is a big advantage for anyone who is into domain trading. Whether you are in it for profit or you are simply looking for a valuable domain for your own use, these tools will make everything easier for you when it comes to obtaining domains in the most convenient way.


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