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Deleted Domains Product Guide Deleted Domains Product Guide
Deleted Domains Product Guide

Directory Listings Basics

Trying to get the word about your web page out there can be a hard thing to do. There's so much competition, and the Internet is becoming more and more crowded with new web pages every day, many of these pages are businesses competing fiercely in the same market. So how does an entrepreneur get their web page to stand out among all of the others? The short answer is Search Engine Optimization and generally trying to make your page more noticeable, but what does that mean, exactly?

Well, there are several things that you can do to make your website stand out. One of these is to try and get your web page listed in a directory listing. If you remember the yellow pages, then you already have a basic idea as to what a directory listing is. Essentially, you're trying to get your web page listed as a viable source for a service that you provide. Directory listings have become so popular that the business of hosting a directory listing itself has even become a fairly large business. While listing your web page on a directory listing can be an effective method, it can also be very expensive. You really need to get your domain listed on as many major domain listings as possible, and even registering on a single major domain listing isn't cheap. A brief search yields prices in the three hundred dollar range for a single listing. This is where buying an expired domain comes into play.

Every day domains expire for various reasons, and sometimes the owners of these domains have invested a lot of time and money into getting the domain some recognition. What this means for you is that it might very well be cheaper to watch for a domain to expire that already has a bit of credibility and try to buy that domain. It stands to save your business some time and to save it some money. Various things, such as being listed in domain listings, really push your business up towards the top, but it can add up fast. If you have the opportunity to invest in an expired domain that already has the benefit of being listed in some nice directory listings then you might want to take that chance- it might just be one of the best decisions for your business that you will ever make.

Deleted Domains Product Relief Guide
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