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Deleted Domains Product Guide Deleted Domains Product Guide
Deleted Domains Product Guide

Buying an Expired Domain

Buying an expired domain name can be a brilliant maneuver for promoting your website. Fiscally, this technique can yield a tremendous amount of savings as well as helping to yield a higher amount of traffic and, ideally, revenue. While it is not that expensive to register a fresh domain name, one that doesn't seem to have any previous history whatsoever, investing in a well researched expiring domain can be comparable in price and may come along with many, many perks.

While you have to do your research on any expired domain name, there's always the possibility that the previous owner of the domain has invested a significant amount of work into making sure the domain was well received. The domain may be part of several directory listings or it may have a pleasurable page rank. The point is, if you do your research you may find that a particular domain name is well worth trying to acquire. Registering a fresh domain name is fairly inexpensive, but when you stop to consider the time, money, and energy you would need to invest into making sure that the new domain name was as popular as it needed to be, you might just save quite a lot of money in the long run to go ahead and invest in an expiring domain name.

Of course, you'll have to make sure that the domain name wasn't used for any sort of unsavory purpose. If the domain was associated with spam, for example, then it doesn't matter how much time and energy you put into the domain, it probably isn't going to go anywhere and you're going to find yourself stuck with a dud domain.

After you decide that you want a particular expiring domain, how do you go about getting it? Well, it can be a bit of a convoluted process, or it can be rather straightforward, mainly depending on how many other people want the domain. When you see a domain has expired, put a back order on the domain. If the original owner does not renew the domain within a certain period of time, all the people who have back ordered the domain have an opportunity to buy the domain at auction. If there's only one interested party, they're likely just sold the rights to the domain.  There are some more intricacies- for example, some domain carriers prefer to go straight to the auction method and eliminate the back order middle man. Just keep an eye out and read up on that particular domain's specifics when the time comes.

Deleted Domains Product Relief Guide
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