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Deleted Domains Product Guide Deleted Domains Product Guide
Deleted Domains Product Guide

Benefits of a Good Domain

As you may already know, quite a few businesses out there make it a point to try and invest in a domain that is either expiring or about to expire. They do this for a good reason- if the previous owner of that domain has put any work into pushing that domain up the road towards popularity, it is possible to buy this domain on the cheap and save the company quite of bit of time and money in promoting the domain. It's possible with just a little bit of research to find out how valuable a particular domain is by finding out things such as whether or not the domain is in any directory listings, does it have a good page rank, and so on. Again, it is not that expensive to register an entirely new domain, but the cost comes when you have to try and promote the domain to appear frequently and in a positive light when search engines look for topics related to the domain's topic.

As we've already stated, a significant reason for purchasing an expired domain is the sheer amount of time and money it can save a business when it comes time to start promoting the domain. Time and money that the business would have to spend promoting their own domain can be channeled into other venues and ventures other than what is essentially advertising a domain. Not to mention there are aspects involved in the buying of an expired domain that even the most skilled optimization specialist couldn't emulate.

One of the factors that goes into a domain's popularity is the age of the domain itself. The idea is that since spammers have a tendency to pick up new domains, abuse them, and drop them only days or weeks later a new domain is potentially a spam website. To counter balance this, some search engines give more weight to older domains when searching. So, of course, if at all possible you would want to get a domain with a bit of age on it. Even a year or so of age might be enough to separate your site from the babble of spam. That being said, acquiring a domain that retains its original registration date can be tricky, and you need to read up on what, exactly, causes a domain to keep this date. Also make sure to check a domain's history before you buy- if you find yourself using a domain previously used to spam, suddenly your domain is basically blackballed by search engines and it's unlikely that any amount of SEO can bring the domain back from the depths of despair.

Deleted Domains Product Relief Guide
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