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Deleted Domains Product Guide

Alexa Report Basics

Basically, an Alexa report is an in depth report that analyzes a website's SEO and tells the owner how effective or ineffective the SEO their website has is or is not. While this may sound like a rather unimportant service, remember that at this point in the game, if you're going to be in business on the internet SEO is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. Nearly every business on the internet is using some form of SEO, and most of them are compounding several different forms. SEO let's your site appear in a search engines results above the competitors, if you have better SEO. Basically, the idea is to make a search engine believe that your results are just a little more relevant than your competitors. Alexa reports make this possible- the report crawls through your site, looking at every painful detail, and analyzes how effective the site's SEO is and how to improve it.

If you have any desire for your website to be of a competitive nature, this report is going to be an absolute requirement. It goes beyond a basic report that just gives you a few simple pointers for improving your page's ranking; the report gives in depth suggestions. Beyond that, were you aware that there was such a thing as bad SEO? There's an entire list of SEO techniques that some owners still use that hurts their site in a search engines rankings. These techniques are generally used by spammers, and if a search engine detects any of these techniques being used by your web page then it will be moved down in the results, ignored, or possibly de-indexed and removed from the search engines possible results entirely.  I don't need to tell you that this would be bad for business.

At the end of the day there's only so much that you, as a site owner, can think to do on your own. Maybe you've covered all of the basics. Maybe you've got your domain registered with several domain registries, maybe you've earned a decent PageRank, and maybe you've even gone through and performed keyword optimization on the site, but still you're coming in low in the search engine result list. This is when it's time to invest in an Alexa report. It isn't enough to throw up your hands and just say that your competition has better SEO than you- you have to find out how, and then find out how to fight back.

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