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Deleted Domains Product Guide

Deleted Domains Guide

We were one of the first companies to help people find deleted domains. We have been working on our new version of our software when we evaluated the beta version of Register Compass. This new version really sets the standard for finding deleted domains and thus we made the decision to convert our site to an informational portal.

Over the next few months our site will become the leading source for information on deleted domains. We recommend our current customers to switch to  Register Compass.

Lifecycle of a Domain

Domains can be registered up to 10 years. Once the domain expires you have up to 45 days to renew it at your renewal rate. During this period your website and email will continue to work. After this period the domain goes into a redemption grace period, which lasts 30 days, where you can still renew the domain but with a stiff penalty. During this period the website and email will cease to work. In addition, during the redemption grace period domain backordering companies are notified of the domain. These companies offer the domain to their clients utilizing a bidding process. After the redemption grace period the domain goes into a pending delete status, up to 5 days, which is the last chance to backorder the domain. If nobody bids on the domain during the redemption grace period and pending delete period then the domain will be a deleted domain and available to purchase from any domain provider.

Its important to note that getting the domain via a backordering company is worth the extra money and effort because the domain will retain its original creation date which is very important for SEO purposes.

A trick that many people don’t think about is to bypass the backordering companies bidding process and check the whois of the domain and try and contact the person and buy it directly from them.

The hardest part of buying a “used domain” is to find it. Since there are so many backorder companies that each offer their own private list of domains for sale utilizing a service that combines this list and also gives you the SEO power of the existing domain is highly recommended.


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Register Compass
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Register Compass Version 3.0

What can we say other than we used to offer a way to find deleted domains and when we reviewed Register Compass Version 3.0  we decided to change our site to a review site. 

Version 2.0 had been the leader for many years offering all the tools you need to find a "used domain". It combines the data from all the backordering companies and gives you all the SEO analytic tools to find that perfect domain. Now that version 3.0 is out they have really set the bar high. There are other companies that provide similar services but they are not at the level of consistency. We will review them as they become ready for primetime but meanwhile Register Compass remains the industry leader.

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Deleted Domains Product Guide
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